Our Services

Our Services speaks volumes about what we represent and shows how we can materialize your ideas into the products that you desire. We aim to give you an experience that satisfies you and puts your needs first.

  • Design Build Process: Allows the owner to dictate their needs and desires in the planning of their project from time they make initial contract with one of our team members until the project is completed. Their desires and needs are related to our Design Build Team consisting of an architect and other specialists in all of the major trades.
  • Construction Management: Our Management Team is very skilled in meeting your building and maintenance needs. Our team is able and willing to take the pressure of our clients demands. Our allocation of resources is spot on so the work goes as effectively as it can.
  • Renovations: Our team here puts the bigger picture in mind without ignoring the small important details. Our distinctive “Can Do” attitude has a record of successful results. Whether the renovation is exterior or interior, we like to come up with a solution that puts our customers’ needs first. Our team is even ready to work around the operation if need be so the customers operation isn’t disturbed.


Tomorrow’s Homes Today

Z Hasan Enterprises offers residential construction but with a twist. For the first time in Karachi, you can get your dream house made from scratch according to your lifestyle requirements and needs and let us take care of that.

Sit back and relax while we take care of all the minor and major elements that go into designing and building the perfect house for you to live in. Our professional civil engineers and architects will be there to take care of all your requirements.

The best part is that you get to sit back and relax while we take care of all the work that goes into building the perfect house and that too on great market competitive rates. For details, click here.



Our company is very well-equipped to carry out grand projects on a large scale. Our portfolio shows several projects completed with premium quality concrete and iron so that your projects are built with utmost dedication and finest quality as promised by us. We also offer electrical and mechanical work for your buildings so that you get a perfect package when you want to move into your building. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of recognizable buildings across Karachi which stand as visible evidence of our quality of work. Z Hasan Enterprises has established its name in the construction market as a quality performer, leaving a mark on every project that we are doing.



We are fully equipped to design projects from scratch and are known for our ability to deliver projects of excellent quality within the time and budget constraints. From residential, commercial offices, industrial, retail, to healthcare and other areas, we bring out our experience to deliver the best to our clients from start to finish.

Our team consists of subcontractors, suppliers and professionals, and we provide the required labor, equipment, temporary utilities and facilities to complete construction of the projects.



Interior finishing is another branch of expertise we specialize in. Our employees let us take part in revamping your interior design experience so that your buildings look amazing not only from the outside but also from the inside. Your Indoor décor is as important as the exterior of your building because that is where the customer will spend most of their time. The layout and comfortability of the building is what familiarizes the customer with our company. The interior design of a building speaks for what it represents and looks to bring the customer and the company together. We at Z Hasan are here to take charge of your interior design problems so that the design of your building is done with the utmost dedication and care.