Unlike school subjects when it comes to the construction industry it is complicated. If you’re trying to get your hands on any project, you should know some of the basic terms used by the industry.   

We have put together some of the very basic and regularly used terms you’re likely to encounter as you get to work on your construction project.

  • BOQ

    A bill of quantities is a document used for tendering which includes material, parts and labor. It is necessary for the actual amount of the project. Construction workers use this term a lot.

  • CAD

    In construction industry Computer-aided design refers to architectural software to create detailed drawings of the model of buildings to speed up the process and creativity.   

  • Elevation

    An Elevation Drawing shows the finished appearance of the exterior of the project.


  • Floor Plan: 

    A floor plan is the detailed drawing of a project which consists of sizes, dimension and any other aspects needed for construction. The owner should pay close attention to this at the initial stage.

  • Aggregate: 

    Aggregate is the fundamental part of the building foundations and is made up of crushed stone and sand. 

  • Beams

    Beams run horizontally along the main walls at roof level to support the building structure.

  • Built-up area: 

    Built-up area is an area which includes the construction like walls, balconies, terraces and any detachable area like servant quarter.  It’s the carpet area and the area covered by walls.

  • Dry Walls: 

    Dry walls are used in framing of the building. Panels made up of gypsum plaster wrapped in card boards.

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